This tool to study TikTok's personalization algorithm is now DISCONTINUED.

Summer 2023 announcement was the last platform supported by the Tracking Exposed infrastructure and team. It have been developed in 2022 and was built over a fork of Facebook Tracking Exposed.

In just few years this project produces unique evidence based findings on TikTok. The pionering approach has influenced other organization in attempting analogous analysis, developing new technologies, and expanding the research scope.

Europe 2023, with the DSA starting to be enforced and the AI Act on its final stage, tools like this act as a living proof that indepdendent algorithm analysis, reverse engineering, scraping in the public interest are the last resort to keep accountable a tech ecosystem designed to be manipulastive and secretive. Follows a list of this project publications:

10 August 2022, report n.3 published: Shadow-promotion: TikTok’s algorithmic recommendation of banned content in Russia. 21 pages .pdf

13 April 2022, report n.2 published: Pro-war content dominates on TikTok in Russia after failure to implement its own policy. 23 pages .pdf

15 March 2022, report n.1 published: TikTok blocks 95% of content for users in Russia. 20 pages .pdf

These report gots major coverage in the news media, also because we were among the first to capture the intersection between Silicon Valley - Chinese differences of behaviour toward the Russia-Ukraine conflict. A report was also exensively quoted in the US congress as evidence, to question TikTok CEO.

January 2022, preliminary research on TikTok geoblocking and content banning techniques, made as part of the University of Amsterdam winter school.

January 2022, Announcement from our first grantor Mozilla Technology Fund (2022)