What we do

— Investigating the influential algorithm —

We wanna hold the platform accountable by:

  • Building free-software research tools
  • Empowering regulators with technical reports
  • Raising public awareness

Research & Knowledge Sharing

Since the beginning of 2022 we have released:

We offer services in four areas:

  1. Academia, we help design novel research projects to understand the impact of personalization algorithms. This might include 3 to 5 days workshop, or a longer research plan.

  2. Strategic litigation, by combining the strength of GDPR and the innovative aspect of algorithm analysis, we can highlight if, when and how a platform is abusing personal data. TikTok offers many opportunities for investigation in the framework of the European Data Regulation directives.

  3. Media organizations, we can help design your coverage of the digital aspects of political campaigns, develop tools and visualizations and provide timely expert analysis.

  4. Business and innovators, we advise on the design of personalization algorithms: impact assessment, implementation and monitoring.

In offering these services we bring our own experience and expertise, as well as a network of experts and practitioners.

If you are interested in working with us, please get in touch with a brief outline of your project.